Vultan’s Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men)


Freddie takes over from May’s set up, and after some rollicking drums, basically runs a synth through it’s paces with a pumping bassline, and an aggressively over the top melody.

It’s all rather grating and energetic. But it’s also interspersed with Brian Blessed and laser guns, which, well, is enough for me.

Vultan’s theme.

Apparently, in the battle scene that follows, Brian spent the whole time making ‘pew pew’ noises, as he shot.

They had to reset and refilm the whole thing, which involved a lot of stringing up people with giant uncomfortable wings in front of blue screen.

Pew pew.

One thing that is quite vivid throughout the film is just how much fun Brian Blessed is having. It’s the thing that’s given me a pretty permanent attachment to him throughout my life, just that sheer glee he takes in being strapped into leather and wings and titting about on a spaceship set.

Weirdly, Vultan’s theme seems to match that pretty nicely.

This is, once again, Freddie having a lot of fun, and making an energetic blast of noise. It sounds fairly sci-fi staple, more like the start of a tv show than a piece of soundtrack work, but to be honest, it’s one of those ridiculous scenes that’s more about flying about and shouting than it is drama in any traditional sense of the word.

It’s fitting, is what I’m saying. It segues perfectly between the iterations of the Flash theme and the hero theme that bookend it.

In fact, it’s really just a synthesised take on the guitar riff from The Hero (yet to come), run through at high pace and with enthusiastic drive, and at least one beautifully timed pause to give a little more space to Brian Blessed yelling.

Is there anyone else who it is more delightful to hear yelling than Brian Blessed? Is there anyone else who has built a bigger career out of being rousingly loud than Brian Blessed?

I can’t believe they crowned Barin and not Vultan at the end of the film. Though the idea of watching Timothy Dalton and Brian Blessed flatshare in the palace as general and emperor is fairly pleasing.

Anyway. The music.

It’s quite loud.

It’s another part of the texture of all the excitement of the climax of the film. This is synths and hawkmen. The ambush going to plan. The visual effects are stretched beyond their limits, and we’re encouraged to ignore it because of the synths and shouting.

And it works.

I guess that’s an appropriate use of the soundtracking toolest, so I think I’m going to allow it.

The drums at the beginning are pretty cracking too.


The whole of the rest of the album is punctuated with Brian Blessed occasionally yelling ‘dive’ with increasing amounts of glee, and decreasing amounts of clarity.

He reminds me of a childhood friend’s Dad. Larger than life, faintly terrifying, but obviously quite warm and caring. I guess that’s what beards and drama schools did to men in those days.

So this one’s for Brian. Brian’s theme. Attack of the Hawk Brian.



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Illustration by Emma.

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