My melancholy blues


And this is just perfection.

Relish in Freddie, every inch of him, his voice and fingers massaging your heart, and once again beckoning you as close as any performer can get you.

It’s the perfect album closer, the lonely song at the end of the party, and possibly the third seduction track of the side, and certainly the most genuinely seductive one.

My melancholy blues.

Lyrically bluesy, it’s actually a perfect little jazz standard. Not an actual standard, but it should be. I wish it entered that canon, because I would adore any lounge that poured this into my ear.

I love Freddie so hard on this. It’s genuinely difficult to sing along, which is giving my housemate an unfortunate exposure to my desperately wonky falsetto.

It’s just simple bass and brush drums, and a whole heap of piano and vocal flourish. There’s not a whole lot to describe here, it’s just a sweet seductive loneliness. Freddie deals with fame more imaginatively than Brian did a few tracks back, singing about it, and using the loneliness as a tool for flirting.

Because it’s a damn flirty song, for all its melancholia.

So come and get me –

Let me –

Get in that sinking feeling

That says my heart is on an all time low – so –

Don’t expect me –

To behave perfectly

And wear that sunny smile

My guess is I’m in for a cloudy and overcast

It’s miserable, but it beckons you into it. It doesn’t even promise things’ll be better together, but it’s alluring. If it really is about depression, then it’s about the heartbreaking seductiveness of it. A dark and troubling illusion to paint so beautifully.

I don’t want to talk about it

Want to forget about it

Wanna be intoxicated with that special brew –

But maybe it’s just a bit of sexy wallowing, and it’s all fine. Freddie certainly pulls me in, and like his best, it begs you to sing it. It’s such a rapturous and engaging vocal line, and the rhymes are so playful and rhythm is so erratically charming.

It’s a one-sided conversation, and it traps and holds you tight.

I’m causing a mild sensation

With this new occupation

I’m in the news

Just getting used to this new exposure

So come into my enclosure

And meet my –

Melancholy Blues –

Oh god I want to get into his enclosure.

I still think there’s little more beautiful image than Freddie at a piano, singing some simple seduction. The languid, languorous ones are my favourites. The way he purrs so powerfully. The warmth and depth of his voice just irradiate this song with a perfect sensuality.

That such a powerful and bombastic voice can be so damn intimate so damn easily will always be one of the central charms of Freddie’s performance.

This song makes me feel like I’m already in his enclosure. I’m not hearing about his blues, I’m meeting them, feeling them, wrapping my arms around them, taking them in.

Except I’m the one taken in.

And frankly, I’m never getting out.

Because it’s perfect in here.





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Illustration by Emma.

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